There are many names or methoxetamine such as rhino ket, mexy and it is placed in the hallucinogen category. This is a newly reported drug that is placed in the class B. there is not much known about this drug. The only thing that is known is dissociative anaestentic like PCP and Ketamine and this drug has similar risks and effects like these drugs have. From the reports of anecdotal, MXE appears much stronger than these other drugs and there are higher risks of overdose.

What Does It Look Like And Taken?

Like all the other drugs it is not surety for the users what they are actually using because there is not much known about this drug. An average dose of NXE cost between eighteen pounds to twenty five pounds. The drug is available in powdered form. It is a pure white color powder. There are different ways of taking this powder. Some people dissolve it in water and others place it under tongue where it is dissolved and then mixed in blood stream. But it can also be injected and swallowed.

Effects of the drug

 As mentioned earlier there is not much known about this drug but it is chemically related to PCP and ketamine. So it is possible to assume that it might have similar side effects and effects like these two. To see the effects it takes ten to fifteen minutes and sometimes it also takes sixty to ninety minutes. This leads to the bad results as people think that they have not taken too much of dose. The effects are similar to examine effects and they are longer and intense.  Hallucination, felling restlessness, this drug can make users feel chilled out, euphoric and relaxed. Some people report that they are enlightened and others say they feel agitated. There are side effects of this drug if taken with alcohol, it can affect the work of your heart, breathing. High doses of methoxetamine can also lead to death. There are several other side effects such as injecting MXE can damage veins, can make heart rate faster, slurred speech etc.

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